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  1. pboyer

    “Great for FIBROMYALGIA. I got this because I’d read it was good for fibro. Indeed it is! Strong medicine for fibro pain; I highly recommend.”

  2. UncleAcid

    “How is this strain not more popular?! I am still new to smoking but out of the 10 other strains I have tried…nothing comes close to this one!!!

    In LA, you can buy this or another strain called “The Hulk” which is the same thing just from different growers. It’s a little hard to find in LA but California Compassionate Care Network in North Hollywood sell BOTH kinds which is great!

    I smoke because I am bipolar an…”

  3. weazal

    “Half oz from triple c in sacramento, ca. was pricey but true premo a++ meds. Even with a high tollerance it still hit like a ton of bricks. Earthy afgan kush taste, coffee-ish, and perfect for bed. Like a pillow for your brain. It was a pleasure to smoke and look at, with dark green and purple almost black hues.”

  4. bwool

    icked up an eighth of the Louie at a good little spot I get delivery’s from and it was awesome!! I have a serious heart condition and I can only use good strong indicas and that’s for daytime use!! So I sparked up a bowl of Louie and I almost immediately felt a heaviness come over me and I felt great!! I didn’t even need any extra pain meds before bed! It had a sweet and piney taste that was smooth up front with a …”

  5. smokenkush420

    “I’ve only recently began using marijuana for chronic pain and tried a small variety of strains. I can’t speak for other users, but the King Louie III is definitely a good choice for use prior to bedtime. A couple decent sized hits are all it takes to help me with pain reduction & sleep. A very smooth and euphoric high without any ill side effects. The only side effect that was kind of bothersome was the severe dry mo…”

  6. stonedphilosopher6

    “I have a very high tolerance and my favorite dispensary @Zenhealing in los angeles is in with Louis XIII Right now and Wow I was blown away at how strong this is and how hungry i got, probably 2 minutes after the first hit my stomach was growling lol… i slept for hours in a while it was great. woke up and was still medicated for another two hours and i only smoke three bowls incredible for my tolerance. MuSt Get Th…”

  7. HighOregon

    “I have smoked some of the greats, have grown some of the greats as well. When I saw this on the dispensary menu in Arizona, I scratched my head, (understand that as a Norcal Guy) I just didn’t think they had it in them to pull it off here…more on that later in my upcoming piece “Combing Cowboy Country for Chronic…” I asked hey is this indoor? outdoor, greenhouse? and was greeted with an IDK…until through the door…”

  8. backflipmick

    “Migraine pain 5-6; nausea 5 when I medicated round 2300 or so. 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (a must). Head buzz heavy without being overwhelming. Body high dang near perfect. This one’s a sleeper for sure; do not recommend for daytime use. Super hot stoner sex with my hubby before passing out. Highly recommend for evening/nighttime use, yay! :-)”

  9. xblackrobx

    “I suffer from central sleep apnea, insomnia and when I can actually hit REM cycle, severe nightmares. I served one year in Iraq as a medic attached to an infantry unit – I’ve seen and done some shit. As a result, I basically have every hindrance to sleep possible.

    King Louis XIII filled the gap in my long list of remedies. I did everything else to treat my sleep – got a CPAP for my apnea, started taking antipsychoti…”

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