JILI Box 1200mah Backup Battery Charging Case for JUUL



JILI Box 1200mah Backup Battery Charging Case for JUUL

JUUL devices are so easy to use, and that’s in-part because of they run on rechargeable batteries. But what happens when you’re running low on power and you aren’t near a USB port to charge up your device? With the JILI Box, you’ll never have to be in that type of predicament!

The JILI Box is a portable carry case and power bank that is designed to work with your JUUL device.

This durable and compact carry case is a sleek, sophisticated way to protect your e-cigarette. It offers enough space to hold your JUUL device and 2 JUUL pods, yet it’s small enough to fit in your pocket! The carry case features an LED screen that will automatically keep tabs on the battery level of your device, and when it starts to run low on power, it will charge your JUUL e-cigarette in no longer than 45 minutes! Powered by a state-of-the-art battery that has a capacity of 1200mAh, you will be able to completely charge up your device a total of six times before you have to charge up the JILI box itself. It comes complete with a USB charging cable, so when the carry case is running low on power, all you have to do is connect to a USB port and the JILI Box will be powered up in about 2 hours and ready to charge your JUUL device.

The JILI Box Backup Battery Charging Case is a must-have accessory for JUUL users!

Key Details of the JILI Box 1200mah Backup Battery Charging Case for JUUL

  •         LED indicator light that reads the battery level of your JUUL device
  •         Battery capacity of 1200mAh
  •         Dimensions: 110mm X 59mm X 14mm
  •         USB charging cable
  •         Charges JUUL devices in about 45 minutes
  •         The JILI carrying case charges in about 2 hours
  •         Can accommodate one JUUL device and two spare JUUL pods


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