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11 reviews for Jet Fuel OG

  1. djdurty420

    On Set: After 5 mins with a delayed high with tingles, paranoia, euphoria, happiness

    Heavy sedative effects on a vape.

    Levels out to a happy relaxed feeling until it wears off.

    Great aromas; over all nice high, on set like a sativa then drops to a very nice indica, but the indica high decreases with tolerance

  2. DirtMcGirt79

    “First off, the smell. This stuff is literally like walking around with a glass full of kerosine in your hand. Be prepared, the smell is going to linger for a while wherever you walk with it. I picked up an eighth of this at Livwell in Colorado, and it was a 50/50 hybrid sitting at 26% THC. I can honestly say that I was not prepared for how good the high was going to be. It was a perfect mix of a relaxing head high an…”

  3. Neil88

    “This is a review for only DR. Greenthumb’s Jet Fuel OG. Right off the top this strain will knock your nose off your face. My buddy’s wife could smell me breaking it up from the back of the house. It’s beautifully covered with some darker tricomes, maybe a yellow hue. Burgundy hairs run throughout the nugs. The smoke is extremely smooth, I really thought with the smell it would be harsh but it was one of the smoothest…”

  4. g.kirk

    “I’m a medical marijuana patient treating fibromyalgia G6 is only the second strain I tried. I’m so glad that it was recommended to me. I vaped early in the day and slowly I started to feel so much more relaxed and in less pain than I had been been in a long time. It also got rid of some nausea that had been bothering me. If you are on opiates and looking for pain relief definitely try this strain.”

  5. twills

    “Now I have had both a sativa and indica dominant version of Jet Fuel, I can give a appropriate response. I got some of The Original Dr. Greenthumb’s infamous JET FUEL. An extremely power indica with heavy couch lock body effects and a distinct (gas) OG taste and aroma! The real JET FUEL. B-Real’s Line.”

  6. ariel.

    Wow this stuff is pungent!! Excellent wake and bake. Very long lasting and mellows out quite nice. Do not try to hide this strain. It smells like dank fuels and stinks up the whole house. It tastes like a piney gas tree if you could imagine that. I would definitely recommend this product to a serious weed nerd.”

  7. ShadyKenshin

    “Jet Fuel is the perfect name for this strain… Not only does it smell like filling up your G6 it also makes u feel like your taking off on a G6 with the first toke…. Be prepared to get medicated and have that mind racing faster than a G6 from the comfort of your living room…”

  8. John18

    “Combusted in glass, this is FAST ACTING, one of the more immediate strains. Smells cheesy, moldy and STANKY….oh so delicious.

    Potency: THCA 17.98% CBD: 0.06%.

    Good for Multiple Sclerosis, Optic Neuritis, CNS issues, severe depression, chronic anxiety, brain fog.

    PRO: You “see through the bullshit.” Understand systems and functions more clearly.
    CON: You become super chatty. Like “dude get off it man…””

  9. Helen

    “Sweet and smooth, like a fine lady on a summer’s night. Hits me first behind the eyes, as a strong sativa should, then mellowed out like a bull in a ring that has just had the final sword jab to the base of his skull. Yes, it put me down…but unlike our bull, I have arisen to write this review. 5 stars for the Jet Fuel.”

  10. JoanCelese

    “Love this for my wake and bake heading to work. I work in a high demand, high performance call centre job. So I need a buzz that helps me focus with my ADD and anxiety. It keeps me clear headed, energized and chipper. I’m not a morning person at ALL. And every day I’ve worked early shifts this week I’ve been on point and feeling Great. Jet Fuel, baby!”

  11. Genieve

    “I Just picked this up.
    Ataraxia Labs named this “G6″ but this should be the same as jet fuel so here’s my review…

    (SCI – T3 )

    My first reaction was that the draw that I felt when I puffed it was like taking a drag of a very minty berry/blueberry cool flavored strain…

    Very focused, creative laid back feeling, able to real chores done if needed but very comfortable high overall.

    I used it for inflammation , m…”

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