Gorilla Glue

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4.40 out of 5

5 reviews for Gorilla Glue

  1. BaronOfBud

    “Stopped by Ultra in SD yesterday cuz I was getting low.. scoped the menu… saw they had Bacio Gelato, I just couldn’t pass it up. Currently the newest of the gorilla glue line from Official Cookie Fam Genetics. This sweet and tantalizing hybrid was bred and cultivated by Cookie Fam member Mr. Sherbinski!! Special care and grow techniques makes this gelato the most flavorful phenotype yet!! The taste is phenomenal, Girl Sc…”

  2. kalib53

    “this is a strain for a person thinks alot; normal thoughts become more intriguing as the cerebral effects of this strain take you for a ride… A+”

  3. brownhates

    “This one is definitely heavy and happy. All worries are gone and relaxation reigns supreme. With Gorilla glue you’re not active but not tired either. A floaty trip to the fridge and some Simpsons. Yeah.”

  4. KingKush

    “I have smoked a lot of marijuana in my time and I have to say there isn’t anything quite like Gorilla glue, 10 out of 10 all the way around. If you call yourself a stoner and haven’t tried this powerful strain of flower, you’ve never even been high before. “

  5. badbitch

    “If I had this 20 years ago, I probably would have LOST MY MIND. Now as an MS patient, I can really appreciate this proverbial godsend strain.

    Outstanding for anxiety halting mind-racing. Zero paranoia. Pure Focus. Should be called NZT-48, but the aroma/taste may not appeal to you; 9/10 would bang again. I would call it Sour Gelato. I’d like to see a GelatoXGumbo indica monster. Somebody make this.”

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