Dankwoods Banana Kush

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Dankwoods Banana Kush

Dankwoods Banana Kush legendary West Coast strain crosses Ghost OG and Skunk Haze to create an indica-dominant hybrid that tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh banana. Dankwoods Banana Kush tends to provide a mellow buzz alongside a relaxed sense of euphoria. A great choice when dealing with stress or depression, Banana Kush also helps stimulate your creative juices and can help you remain talkative in social settings.


3 reviews for Dankwoods Banana Kush

  1. Parkuer

    Great smooth aroma y’all got in this leafs. Its magical 🙈😁 to me. Rare like fuck but you got it to me. Thanks men I owe U👊🏾

  2. Kylian

    Dankwoods yes !! Are real dankwoods feel me and stay blessed Rso Vape shop. Really love this tobacco leaf u got here

  3. Durant

    Districts really missing this, walk down my Gaz station and it was all finish luckily my cousin made me know you guys frequent. 🙈sorry kind of talky but love you guys you made my week. You should be first 😽

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