Dank Vapes Pot of Gold

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Dank Vapes Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold is the handwork of The Flying Dutchmen a breeder. He crosses the Hindu Kush and Skunk #1 leaving it with features of sweet, hash taste and matching pungent aromas. Further, Lab tests report an average of 15% THC, according to clone nursery The Three Jesters. Dutch seed bank won 2nd prize at the 2003 Cannabis Cup. Its seeds produce massive yields of very sticky buds that are hard to break up by hand.

What is Dank Vapes Pot of Gold Strain

Pot of Gold Strains you a very pleasant and unique body high. Makes you feel relaxed, tingly, and very light. In addition, the strain takes your mind off of any pain. It’s uplifting too so it helps with depression. Also great if you have insomnia. Doesn’t make you too tired but helps you get a great night’s sleep. I wake up feeling great the next day and ready to go. The only downside is you might eat all of your food.

Effects of Pot of Gold Strain

Pot of Gold is one of those strains that will almost definitely leave you feeling couch-locked and wanting to do nothing but sit back and enjoy the ride. Moreover, the effects of Pot of Gold quickly work their way through your body, and the physical high begins to take hold. You gently notice a deep relaxation trip through your limbs down; annoying aches and pains stop at a certain point, you will even notice pains that you did not know you had disappeared, leaving you to feel light and almost cloud-like.

Importance FeelingsNegatives
PainSleepyDry mouth
StressUpliftedDry Eyes

Where Can I buy New Dank vapes Flavor?

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2 reviews for Dank Vapes Pot of Gold

  1. Lenuara

    Found this vape shop while browsing for somewhere new to shop online. Great selection of juices and hardware fast and well packaged shipping. Haven’t had an issue with them definitely recommend this place.

  2. Olek

    There was something wrong with my order when it arrived but they went out of their way to fix it. I highly recommend this vape store.Great customer service, wonderful selection of vape juice, and a beautifully laid out online store.

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