Dank Vapes LSD

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Dank Vapes LSD

Dank Vapes LSD strain was bred by Barneys Farm, with a lineage from Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1. L.S.D. is an Indica-dominant strain, name after a potent psychedelic drug because of the strain’s extremely psychedelic and cerebral high. In addition, this strain is popular for its vivid euphoric experience and powerful body buzz. Furthermore, the buds form in curved triangles, yielding approximately 600 grams per square meter. Flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks. It is a disease-resistant plant that does well in most growing conditions.

What is LSD Dank Vapes THC Cart

LSD Dank Vapes is an Indica-dominant cross between Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace from Amsterdam-based Barney’s Farm. Its degree of mental stimulation is quite rare for most Indica. Moreover, they are the winner of the 3rd Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008. Not surprisingly, L.S.D. has typical Indica-based body effects like help deal with stress, anxiety, or depression. Further, the strain is named by seed bank breeders for its powerful, cerebral, psychotropic high. In addition, LSD is a hardy, mold and disease-resistant plant that grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Patients also use the strain to treat insomnia, and a few choose it to help combat migraines.

Effects of LSD Strain

LSD strain effects are exceedingly potent so don’t charge in and consume several grams in a rush to get high or else you’ll get more than you bargained for. A combination of high THC and CBD levels means LSD is used regularly as medicinal marijuana. Moreover, it begins with an invigorating cerebral high that enables you to unwind. It then switches to a heavy Indica high that reduces mobility and could even induce couch lock.

In addition, LSD can also help with chronic pain because you’ll be far too spaced out to feel anything! Consider using it for joint pains, muscle spasms, and migraines. If you have insomnia, take a few hits an hour before bed to potentially improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Its strong relaxing properties make it a good option if you have stress, anxiety, or depression. As a result, thereby enabling you to stay in the moment and prevents your mind from wandering into regions that cause nervousness.

Importance FeelingsNegatives
StressEuphoricDry Mouth
InsomniaUpliftedDry Eyes

Where to Buy LSD Vape Oil

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4 reviews for Dank Vapes LSD

  1. Nonso F.

    Awesome! Flavor and high

  2. Alfred

    LSD, Strong, long lasting, 100% positive effects. Dry mouth just like most strains. If youre complaining you dont deserve it.

  3. Sean

    I thought the initial high was really good and very uplifting. everything got much brighter the sounds became more vibrant. then I started munching hard

  4. Cory

    I literally lost my virginity on this strain

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