Dank Shark Shock

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Dank Shark Shock

Dank Shark shock is genetically formed from the cross between White Widow and Skunk #1, which consists of three landraces, an Afghanistan Indica, a Mexican Sativa, and a Colombian Sativa. It is devised in the 1990s’ by Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds. In addition, Shark Shock also called Shark Widow or Great White Shark. It resembles a huge white skunk, which has an intense aroma and a taste that is a mixture of earthy, sweet, and woody flavors.

What is Shark Shock Strain?

Shark Shock strain also called Great White Shark and Peacemaker. Is an Indica cannabis strain with 80% Indica / 20% Sativa. THC: 5%, CBD: 10% that produces a sour fruity taste with a skunky aroma. Moreover, both baring undertones of fresh soil and wood, the aroma is somewhat like garlic, quickly becoming one of the best strains cultivate in this era. This strain is the result of combining the genetics of the hybrid White Widow and hybrid Skunk No. 1.

Effects of Dank Vapes Shark Shock

Dank Vapes Shark Shock Is a very powerful but relaxing effect that doesn’t make the body heavy. It is perfect for treating anorexia, muscle pain, depression, and insomnia. Moreover, the strain is a mixture of 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa. In addition produces Pine, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet and Woody flavor which aroma is citrus, earth, and woody still. THC oil % levels often reach 20%. Moreover,  its high will numb the body, sending a tingling sensation throughout it and easing all aches and pains. Secondly, it eases the muscle, which won’t couch-lock or sedate, thereby making it best suited for afternoons, evenings, and nighttime use. It’s used for treating numerous medical conditions.

Importance Feelings Negatives
Depression Happy Dizzy
Anxiety Relaxed Anxious
Pain Focus Dry mouth
Inflammation Euphoric Headache
Stress Uplifted Dry Eyes


How to Grow Shark Skunk Strain?

The growth is suitable to be harvested outdoors and indoors; the strain is easy to grow, flowers fast, and has an indoor germination period of around 55 days with a yield of approximately 500g/m2. The bonding of the strains creates a mind in euphoria and numbs the body in tingling bliss while tasting sour fruits with a bit of sweetness and spice mixed in. Firstly, it should be harvested outdoors during mid-October and its outdoor yield produces a plant weighing between 600 to 900 grams. Conclusively, it has compact feminized buds that are covered in resin.

Where to Buy Shark Skunk Dank vapes Online

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4 reviews for Dank Shark Shock

  1. Silla

    This is my go-to strain for anxiety and depression. Always turns the mood from dark to bright. Relaxes me without sedating. Has a light citrus flavor. High is popping colors and lifted mood, still functional, but altered…in a good way. My dispensary has the THC:CBD as 1:1, about 7% each.

  2. Stephannie

    ery relaxing, nice strain if u want to unwind chill and not get completely baked.

  3. Pellasini

    My first time using this was cool. Light uplifting high. Very good after a long day at work

  4. Simpson H.

    Very relaxing, nice strain if u want to unwind chill and not get completely baked.

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