Dabwoods Apple Carts

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Dabwoods Apple carts

Dabwoods Apple has an indica-dominant hybrid that packs a bold flavor to accompany its potent, hazy high. Although this strain’s origins and creators are something of a mystery, we do know that it’s a cross between pungent staple Sour Diesel and Pure Kush (which is a distinct phenotype of OG Kush, not to be confused with OG Kush itself).

Dabwoods Apple Carts is marked by medium-sized carts that are long and almost cylindrical in shape. Cured properly, the carts have a dense, compact structure, with the leaves tightly compressed together. Leaves themselves are a bright green with hints of yellow.

3 reviews for Dabwoods Apple Carts

  1. Sylvester

    Really couldn’t tell if it was the apple 🍎 itself i began inhaling or the dabwoods potent THC I had up my system. Thanks though really really did enjoy this Apple flavor.

  2. Brandon

    Lovely display of all emotion under one condition; You wanna inhale for 4mins men. Ya dabwoods really freaky cool

  3. Gilbert Tanghi

    Wouldn’t have had one if there were many that could do what he wanted. An active strain for all day commitments. Thanks Rso Vape Shop

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