Cereal carts Apple Jack

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Cereal Carts Apple Jack

Cereal carts Apple Jack is a beautiful and popular cross of Jack Herer and White Widow. This potent combination embodies the uplifting clarity of Jack Herer while applying a warm, soothing relaxation to the body.

What is Apple Jack Strain?

Apple Jack is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the famed Jack Herer sativa with White Widow, an equally notorious hybrid.

Meanwhile, the result is fairly potent, with THC levels that can top 20%. The exact balance of sativa to indica is unknown, but sativa makes up at least 70% of its genes.

This strain works wonders for patients and consumers with chronic physical pain and nausea. Apple Jack’s aroma, as you might guess, is one of sweet sliced apples with hints of skunk and earth.

Where to Buy Apple Jack Strain

ere at Rso & CBD Vape Shop we offer the Best Cereal Carts with a high THC potency above 91.82% Distilled THC Vape Oil. Our delivery services work in collaboration with our clients delivery time. We are Fast, Secure, Discreet and Efficient which our clients satisfaction is our priority.

Cereal Cart vs. Dank Vapes

There are more than a few similarities between Cereal Carts and Dank Vapes.

The dimensions of the Cereal Cart packaging is identical to the dank vape cartridge packaging. The THC oil is also nearly identical to each other. It’s easier to mimic a packaging than it is cannabis oil which makes us believe its the same person releasing both vape cartridge brands. The list of similarities gets bigger because both brands claim to have around 90% THC in their carts. The vape cartridge hardware with a plastic mouthpiece is also the same.

The high from both brands does not last long compared to real premium THC oil cartridges. That’s the major difference between a high quality prefilled cartridge vs. an unregulated vape cartridge. The weak strength of this cannabis oil will cause you to hit the vape cartridge frequently.

We strongly discourage buying Cereal Carts and Dank Vapes, and any other unregulated prefilled cartridge.  Do not fall for the deception of the inflated THC content numbers on packaging of these street carts.

Dank Vape Has Cereal Flavors Such As Applejacks

The cannabis oil is mixed with too many terpenes with Cereal Carts, really good quality cannabis oil will not move fast. The THC oil moves too fast with Cereal Carts.


8 reviews for Cereal carts Apple Jack

  1. Jessy

    “I have the dank vapes cartridge and it tastes just like the other reviews described. Sweet but alittle Apple taste. Good high”

  2. Keita

    “Had Apple Jack a few times. Smell was amazing and the smoke was better. Would certi advise picking up.”

  3. Hotboxmama

    “Giving this strain a “three” though at times I would say it’s more like a four or five. I’m fairly new to this, minus the crap load of weed I smoked from 1988-2000 which eventually made me anxious and hating it. I’m on the search for a strain that will help me with anxiety and depression but also energy levels, as a 44 yr old premenopausal women who feels like she’s still 22. Apple jack has been the best one so far…”

  4. druidspk

    “Had a really well cured tasty batch of this. Smooth tasty tokes and smokes really well. love the high especially on the wake and bake. Happy, creative and euphoric. lovely s**t.”

  5. hoobear

    “I really do recommend Apple Jack if you have nausea. It works perfectly and the high is very soothing as well. It was nice to be able to think about something other than when will I get sick again. I felt like doing some chores and later it was also perfect for watching some of my favorite shows…quite the transformation from the puking mess that I was to the functional person I soon became. Bravo!”

  6. Desmond

    “Body feel. Extremities. Hands and feet feel. Calm for sure. Alert. But aware of my extremities. Took away my back pain. Pretty good for a first experience. “

  7. Macs

    “one of the best strains for nausea… thin mint cookies is the only strain that works this well for nausea… this strain is awesome”

  8. Unicorn queen

    “This has been some good .medication. comes on heady, 10min was a nice pain reliving effect and hunger. Then to top it of this strain will put you to sleep.”

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