Candy land

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5 reviews for Candy land

  1. TexasMockingburn

    was a little nervous about Candyland because that’s one of my issues: anxiety. Anyway, I feel like its high creeps up on you, but in a good way. It didn’t surprise me or hit me immediately. To me, its effect was more like a small edible.

    Candyland also makes me creative, and it boosts my willingness to do things. I have depression too, and it’s gotten pretty bad lately. Of the various strains I currently have (po…”

  2. runwaybeauty

    “Love at first hit 💜 no dry eyes or dry mouth if I had a boyfriend he would be in trouble because it makes me horny “

  3. orgncwhtmlk

    “Candyland is the perfect strain. Now, there are many different phenotypes that swing through the full spectrum (sativa-indicates), but when you find that one, that one with the perfect sativa lift-off and grounding body stone, you know right away this is some of the best medicine in the world. The effects come on immediately as you are greeted with a almost-literal punch to your frontal lobe which blasts you off thro…”

  4. EdwardEnigma

    “This strain is a dope specimen that gets the job done like your favorite lollipop as a kid. It has an incredible pungent smell and tokes like no other folks let me tell ya.
    I would recommend this strain to anyone in pain or just anyone who is depressed feeling and needs a next level experience.”

  5. streamdaker

    “Good pain reliever. The euphoria is almost as if you’re a feather floating with the wind. Very strong mouthwatering flavor. It definitely is a good stress reliever as well and it keeps you energetic. “

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