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What Strain is Blanco Lemonade?

Blanco Lemonade Berry Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the infamous White Kush X Blackberry Pie strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor, Blanco Berry Kush is one hybrid you’ll have to see to appreciate.

Oro Blanco Strain Review

Pure Blanco strain is one the newest strains trending now in the west coast of the USA. The strain is originally bred by the lemonnade and cookies family. Lemonnade brand has in recent months been bringing up some great strains into the market. Thus it’s popularity has increased in the recent months. Hence, Blanco buds, Blanco Sativa or Indica, Blanco strain, Blanco weed, Medellin weed for sale.

Reviewers of the strain have stated that it is Very potent, strong head high enough to make it seem like an indica. Therefore, Blanco weed for sale Australia, Blanco weed for sale Belgium, Blanco weed for sale Canada, Blanco weed for sale UK.

Appearance and effects of Blanco Weed

His almost snowy effect is super sticky too with resin droplets hidden below the layers of crystals. As you pull apart each nug, rich aromas of dank hash and spicy earth dance through your senses. Thus, leaving your mouth watering with anticipation. Isn’t that great?. it is. then what are you waiting for to have a taste of this strain. Pure Blanco cookies strain flavor doesn’t let up either, mixing fresh sweet pine with earthy sage. And hash for a delicious classic taste that lingers long after you toke. Thus, Buy Blanco strain Atlanta, Buy Blanco strain Canada, Buy Blanco strain Europe.

Medical benefits of Blanco strain

Due to the high THC level of this strain, the strain is known to have many medical benefits. Therefore, it has been recommended by many medical doctors for patients. Thus Blanco strain for sale Europe, Blanco strain for sale online. Some of these medical conditions solved by this strain include the following. insomnia, anxiety, PTSD and stress. Therefore, what are you waiting to have a taste of this strain. Hence, Buy Blanco strain UK, Buy Blanco weed online, buy weed Ireland, THC level of Blanco strain.

Where to Buy Blanco The Real Lemonade strain?

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2 reviews for Blanco Strain

  1. Carter

    buckeye relief has a killer version. I don’t know what you got but buckeye relief has is down! this stuff blew me away! killer strain for sure love the pungent taste two bowls and I am fried! def get some if you can! they did a great job with this one!

  2. Wyatt

    Great Oro Blanco strain i deed order. Thanks you should keep up with your delivery

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