Boo Berry Cereal Carts

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Boo Berry Cereal Cart

Boo Berry Cereal Cart flavor, is a cross between Blueberry and Afghani cannabis extracts. The Boo Berry cereal is an Indica dominant hybrid, with a THC average of 21%. More to this, It taste like syrupy berries, featuring a kush finish, while the aroma is more skunky earth, and pungent kush with a fragrant floral presence.

What is Cereal Carts Boo Berry Real?

Boo Berry strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with a THC average of 21%. It tastes like syrupy berries featuring a Kush finish.

Meanwhile, the aroma is more skunky earth and pungent Kush with a fragrant floral presence. Buds are lengthy and tapered with skinny orange hairs against golden trichomes.

Effects Of Boo Berry THC?

Firstly, it gives, a sedating relaxation and a slightly euphoric buzz, which hits like an OG and lasts a long time.

Further, its high will draw you into a happy lift minus the anxious energy, voiding your thoughts and replacing them with lazy joy. Your body will sleep deeper into a calm, which can cause sedation and sleepiness. Specifically,  This strain is advisory for people with stress and non-relaxation.

Importance Of Boo Berry Cereal Carts

After evaluation, we realize this Boo Berry Cereal Cart helps a lot of users out there with treatment

Where to Buy Cereal Carts Boo Berry Cannabis Cartridges

This THC cartridge, have surged in popularity because it allows people to get high in public discreetly, and on the go. Moreover, our cart contains full grams, and offers special 2.2 grams on job order requirements. These carts are specifically designed for thicker oil and tasteful hits, which gives you an efficient and smooth hit, depending on the type of battery mod you use.

This flavor always taste amazing, and exactly as the packaging says to be. From our experience, it provides decent quality oil and delivers a tasty flavor.

Here at Rso & CBD Vape Shop we offer the Best Cereal Carts with a high THC potency above 93% Distilled THC Vape Oil. Our delivery services work in collaboration with our clients delivery time. We are Fast, Secure, Discreet and Efficient which our clients satisfaction is our priority.

8 reviews for Boo Berry Cereal Carts

  1. tvist

    “My favorite strain, I use it for my clinical depression and it really helped me feel like a person again. This strain changed my life for the better, if you have depression, anxiety or get easily stressed out I highly reccomend you try this strain.

    As this strain helpped me snap out of a really bad deppression cycle that was making life really hard.

    I give it a 5/5 :)”

  2. jkamaya

    “This strain was a staple in Bay Area weed culture in the 2010’s. I can’t remember who WASN’T smoking it. This is a common but classic strain with strong medicinal and spiritual properties. Recently I’ve been getting buds with a rich rosey lemon phenotype. It really is one of the most delightful weed scents that I’ve ever smelled.
    Boo berry is very relaxing and provides an uplifted almost philosophical high.

  3. themermaid805

    “Super common strain over here on the east coast, a lot of this strain even gets sold under different names but are textbook examples of blue dream. And its popular for good reason.
    The balance between cerebral and body are awesome. Relaxing but not a knock-out punch. Uplifted without anxiety or paranoia. Awesome for mid-day or evening use but not bad for morning either in smaller amounts.
    Smells of sweet booberrie…”

  4. Strainge

    “I met the love of my life with this strain and it has been my favorite ever since. Sativa like conversation, aphrodisiac, indica like body high (in higher doses). Amazing taste and perfect all-day strain. “

  5. Always_pearled

    “perfect…just perfect, highly recommended in the morning with a cup of joe! “

  6. SomeguyAZ

    “Recently I’ve come to grips with having a frustratingly high tolerance, some times struggling to get high. I was no match for Blue Dream. I’m going to attempt to consume and write this, so perhaps the quality of the review is the review itself. See. I’m zoning already.

    Visual: Straight off it looks very sativa, with its long hair and slender sexy features. Super sugary and quite sticky when busted open. Well manicu…”

  7. EdibleEm

    “This strain will wash away your stress and anxiety by sending waves of heat throughout your body. All of your limbs become tingly as if they are all asleep. Your nose and lips become numb and your moth feels like your holding two cotton balls in your cheeks. The room feels like its spinning, but in a good way. Every time you move your head it either feels like your moving in slow motion or high speed. Behind your eye…”

  8. Ona

    Keep on working, great job!

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