Banana Runtz


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Banana Runtz

Banana runtz is strain of runtz is cultivated by synergy. The THC leve of banana runtz ranges from 23.5% to 25.37%. It’s a good track record and are considered one of best cultivators of runtz in California. Banana runtz is the new kid on the block. Originally picked up at Cookies Melrose. THC tested out to 25.37%.

As you run your eyes across the nug surface it quickly switches back and forth from dark to light green with gangly reddish brown pistils and a generous frosting of triches so numerous at points it’s hard to make out the color at all.

Out of the jar is musty and peppery in a way that hit me like the smell of opening a drawer of real wood dresser that’s been untouched in storage for a long time. On busting the nug you get a surprisingly fruity scent and it relegates that mustiness to the background.

On the hand grind is where the Banana Runtz really shines through. I pick up on a very sugary sweet candy like scent that leaves a bit of stickiness on my fingers. On the inhale I caught a hint of that pepper and it was a little bit harsh on the throat. On the exhale I got just a bit of musty sweetness.

If you have not tried it then you missing out on the hype train.

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