Backwoods Honey

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$60.00 $37.98

Each unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars (total 40 cigars)

Strength: Mellow

Shape: Small Cigar

Size: 4 1/2 x 27

Country: Altadis U.S.A

Color: Natural

Flavor: Honey

Wrapper Origin: Connecticut

Wrapper Leaf: Broadleaf



Backwoods Honey

Backwoods Honey has a top-quality dark and chewy broadleaf wrapper to offer the perfect balance of rich tobacco flavor and sweet succulent honey. Moreover, it’s infuse with 100% natural tobacco leaf that’s not too sweet and too strong.

Furthermore, it’s looks like a perfect hand roll tobacco leaf but perfect machine handwork. With each cigar at the frayed foot stick taped.

What is Honey Backwoods?

Backwoods Honey Cigars is perfect construction machine made cigars to suit any craving, smoke break, or night out backwoods smoker. Backwoods come in every flavor an aficionado could need, from sweet to smoky to spicy.

Furthermore, all backwoods for sale is balance that feature the most enjoyable tastes of fresh pick berries and sweet honey. Likewise, is easy to enjoy these rustic stogies all day long and still have a pleasant taste on the tongue.

Are Backwoods Honey Berry Good?

However, natural cigars is a flavored cigar with good taste which is smoke daily. It has a sweet natural taste that allows the aroma’s which everybody appreciates . A premium cigar brand that is affordable.
Good products, great prices, great for a quick break, great flavor, cheap and enjoyable.
This profile enables epileptic and seizure prone users to browse safely by eliminating the risk of seizures that result from flashing or blinking animations and risky color combinations.

How Much is a 5 Pack of Backwoods?

Packs of Backwoods is rare cause they are not sold here in the states so people have to import them then sell them. So compounding its popularity with rappers and their diehard followers, a Backwoods’ natural tobacco leaf wrap is both flimsier makes it expensive. Prices Always range from $35.75 to $53.78 depending on the selective flavors Near Me.

Where to Buy Rare Backwoods Blunts?

Conclusively the inaccessibility and difficulties cigar lovers go through in search of this Honey Berry cigars in countries like US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia and Europe, gives  Rso & CBD Vape Shop the edge.

Our delivery services work in collaboration with our clients delivery time. We are Fast, Secure, Discreet and Efficient which our clients satisfaction is our priority.

2 reviews for Backwoods Honey

  1. Stalloin

    Found this vape shop while browsing for somewhere new to shop online. Great selection of cigars and vape fast and well packaged shipping. Haven’t had an issue with them definitely recommend this place.

  2. Nikel

    Super fast shipping! Ordered just before a long weekend and delivered within days, from Ontario to Alberta ! Thanks so much! Love my new Pack of Honey cigars.

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