Backwoods Honey Berry

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Each unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars (total 40 cigars).

Strength: Mellow

Shape: Small Cigar

Size: 4 1/2 x 27

Country: Altadis U.S.A

Color: Natural

Flavor: Honey

Wrapper Origin: Connecticut

Wrapper Leaf: Broadleaf



Backwoods Honey Berry

Backwoods Honey Berry cigars are smooth little flavor bombs bursting with sweet and delicious flavors. However, machine made these crooked sticks are covered with a premium whole cigar leaf wrapper for a slower burn and a genuine tobacco taste.

In addition, the machine made brand, did become one of the most sold machine made cigar brands in the world. They feature natural blends of mellow tobaccos with a Broadleaf tobacco wrap. Which gives a mild yet flavorful taste and distinct sweet aroma.

What is Honey Berry Backwoods?

Backwoods cigars are made from tobacco that is all natural with no filler to deliver a macho, rustic-looking smoke that men enjoy. Meanwhile, backwoods wraps are tasty, mild, and ideal for smoking among the great outdoors. To add to their appeal, their fragrance is quite pleasant as well.

Backwoods - Cigars Singles Honey Berry |

Backwoods Cigarillo Honey Berry (4″ x 27) offer high value to customers who are looking for a casual, everyday smoke. Moreover, the short fill cigarillos are infused with sweet tastes and Honey Berry flavors.

Are Honey Berry Backwoods Good?

Good products, great prices. Great for a quick break. Great flavor, and just enjoyable. This profile enables epileptic and seizure prone users to browse safely by eliminating the risk of seizures that result from flashing or blinking animations and risky color combinations.

Backwoods Honey Berry Cigars are known for their distinctive packaging and appearance with a frayed end. These rough-looking cigars are manufactured by Altadis U.S.A, Inc.
Certainly, Honey Berry cigars offer high value to customers who are looking for a casual, everyday smoke. In addition to being extremely cost-effective.

How to Roll a Backwood

Let’s face it. Rolling a blunt is an art form. Like any skill, practice is key, and that applies doubly when you’re learning how to roll a perfect blunt. But if you know just a few tips and tricks, blunt rolling can quickly become second nature. Here’s how to roll a blunt step by step.

Once you have all your weed evenly spread along the leaf, slowly tuck and roll. Rolling is the trickiest part and it may take some patience and practice to create the perfect blunt. Begin rolling by tucking the rounded end of the backwoods blunt securely around the flower. Continue to make sure that this round end stays tight as you roll.

Lick the blunt wrapper’s edge, then roll the rest of the wrapper over the moistened part. Voila! Look what a thing of beauty you’ve made. Admire your rolled blunt. Now, burn that thing. Enjoy the warm glow of artistic accomplishment and the relaxing body buzz of THC.

Effects of Backwoods Smokes

What is a Backwoods blunt wraps you ask? In short, a Backwoods blunt is weed rolled in 100% natural tobacco leaf. Like other cigars, Backwoods come in a variety of flavors, from Honey Bourbon to Sweet Aromatic. Produced in 1973, these cigars have been around for decades but continue to maintain popularity in the smoking community.

It’s no secret that blunts offer a unique smoking experience. By combining your favorite herb with tobacco, you get double the effects and flavors than you would from a joint. Although blunts don’t necessarily get you higher, users swear they feel extra buzzy while smoking them.

Despite there being a vast number of brands, from Game to Swisher Sweets, Backwoods remains to be one of the most popular cigars on the market. Your favorite rappers smoke them, including the Game and Fetty Wap, and plenty of everyday weed enthusiasts burn them too, which might have someone who’s never tried them wondering: why do so many people use Backwoods for blunts?

Although these cigars have a higher nicotine content than a lot of other brands, blunt aficionados see this as a perk. The combination of herb and nicotine delivers a different type of buzz. Experienced smokers that have a tolerance to nicotine may find that they get a burst of energy and a slightly more elevated high after smoking on a Backwoods.

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5 reviews for Backwoods Honey Berry

  1. Shella Candy

    Very good all the time. Price and flavor are very affordable, to me though

  2. Salomen

    Great customer service, wonderful selection of cigar flavors, and a beautifully laid out online store. Many payment options make shopping convenient and it didn’t take long at all for my Honey berry cigar to arrive.

  3. Derby Graft

    Fast shipping, good packaging i will look foward to making buisness again with you guys, if there any special offers for me or the product i bought id like to know, thanks!

  4. Ryan Sherfield

    First time trying theses guys. I have to say I’m super impressed. I smoke honey berry and it’s real hard to come by in Toronto. Ordered online about 6am Sunday morning and my order was with me Monday morning. Well packaged, good prices and free shipping. Will now be my go to supplier.

  5. Coltman

    Super fast shipping! Ordered just before a long weekend and delivered within days, Thanks so much!

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