Ancient OG Dank Vapes

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Ancient OG Dank Vapes

Ancient OG Dank Vapes lives up to their stellar reputation by crossing Iranian Landrace and Snow Lotus strains. But the buds are potent all the same, giving off a slew of desirable effects. In addition, aromas like Earthy, Lemon, Pine, and Sweet make it’s THC effects high. Moreover, the dank nugs are small and minty green with a fat spade-shaped light spattering of dark orange hairs and fine crystal white trichomes. The thick coating of resin gives the outer appearance a nice sheen rich in color and texture. The flavors are favorable, with points all over the board: sweet, savory, earthy, and tart. The piney aromas complement the citrus fruit palate that’s accented by earthy notes and grass.

What is Dank Vapes Ancient OG Strain?

Dank Vapes Ancient OG Strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid 85% Indica / 15% Sativa THC: 15% – 21%. A crossbreed of famous strain extremely popular Iranian Landrace and Snow Lotus. Moreover, OG Fragrance is inviting and appetizing due to its zesty and fresh aroma, reeling you in with its lemon earthy smell, which is so strong it will fill the room. This bag also smells sweet and like fresh pine, and you will have a hard time resisting its charm simply based on its scent.

Firstly, The Dank Thc Oil taste like pine and mint on the exhale, coating the inside of your mouth with a sweet and naughty aftertaste, long after you have expelled the smoke. Further, it makes you sleepy over time. Likewise, especially if you are exhausted, and consume it in higher doses, late at night. Ancient OG will slowly rock you into slumber, making you feel tingly and warm and fuzzy all over, with the feeling of happiness dominating your entire high.

Effects of Ancient OG THC Cartridge

These Strain effects are useful at times for Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Headaches, Hypertension, Loss of Appetite, and Stress. It is perfect for nighttime if you want to relax without your day going completely up in smoke.

Importance FeelingsNegatives
Lack of AppetiteEuphoricHungry
InsomniaUpliftedDry Eyes

Where to Buy Ancient OG

Conclusively, Bodhi Seeds, in all of their mystery, are one of the most sought-after breeders in the world. To this effect here at Rso Vape Shop, we offer the New Dank  Carts with a high THC potency above 91.2% Distilled THC Vape cart Oil. As a result, Our delivery services work in collaboration with our client’s delivery time. We are Fast, Secure, Discreet, and Efficient which our client’s satisfaction is our priority.

2 reviews for Ancient OG Dank Vapes

  1. Deon

    Nice relaxing high. Smooth hit. Every effect is moderate, not too strong but not weak. For an indica lover who also wants a cerebral high, this is a good choice.

  2. Silvian

    One of my favorite strains, very exotic.

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