100% Sauce All-In-One


The Original high-potency vape cartridge, Heavy Hitters boasts the biggest hits and most true-to-form taste. Heavy Hitters’ sign..

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100% Sauce All-In-One

Heavy Hitter 100% sauce all-in-one Celebrates the 483 compounds found in cannabis, Heavy Hitter carts  Live Resin is the coup de gras of cannabis carts. With the 100% sauce, we’ve turned up the live resin so that as soon as it comes out of the extractor we age the liquid and keep that special sauce pure with zero additions — making it taste and feel like your favorite flower strains.

What is True Ceramic?

True Ceramic is a cartridge technology that yields none of the harmful wick components of standard cartridges, instead relying on high-quality ceramic throughout the heating element to ensure no harmful by products, and an even dose.

What is Cold Filtering?

Heavy Hitters’ proprietary Cold Filtering technology purifies the oil beyond standard distillation, resulting in a consistent, ultra-potent cannabis oil, and a better experience for the customer.

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Malibu OG, Northern Lights, Purple Punch, Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough, GSC, Pineapple Express


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